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Our company is located in Wielkopolska. This is where our products come from.

The company’s many years of tradition began as early as 1977. The experience we have gained during this time has allowed us to gain recognition on the egg market. In our work, we take care of the smallest details, from the first contact with a potential customer to the delivery of our products to the customer.

Currently, the plant is highly developed and adapted to the production of products that meet the requirements of all EU standards. The recipients of our products are a wide range of customers in the country and abroad – from grocery stores, through wholesalers, e

Ferma drobiu
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Pakownia jaj
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Certyfikat HACCP/ISO
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Certyfikat BRC
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Gazele Biznesu 2016

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Gazele Biznesu 2017

d ourselves again in the prestigious Gazele Biznesu 2017 ranking published by Puls Biznesu, this time we took 471. Check o

Doceń Polskie Top Produkt

ut our premium products, which received the Top Product award issued by Doceń Polskie. Link

Złoty Medal Polagra Food

Our product Eggs Omega-3 received the Gold Medal awarded by MTP during Polagra Food in 2017. In 2019, we

Diament Miesięcznika Forbes

received the Forbes Diamond award as part of the Forbes monthly. Our company w

Firma Roku 2019

as awarded the National Certification Laureate with the title of the Company of the Year 2019 – the jury appreciated the high quality of our products, Innovation and commitment to social initi

Produkt Roku 2019

atives. Our unique product Eggs Omega-3 was awarded the title of Product of the Year 2019 and it fully deserves this title thanks to its pro-health properties and excellent qualit

Jantex Polska Sp. z o.o.

y.Zielniki 42, 63-000 Środa Wielkopolska

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